Strength, power, and empowerment!

PERSONAL TRAINER specialising in pain management and progressive rehabilitation with 20 years experience in the fitness industry.



Research has shown that more is not necessarily better

Progressive Personal Training

Progress through scientifically staged phases to highly reduce the chance of injury

Preparation first Personal Training

Professionally prepared programmes developed to suit your personal needs

Preparation is the key to top quality results, the more we know about you in life, the aches and pains and exercises you have experienced in the past we can make the best decisions to get your body working at its optimum level.

For a small fee we provide a 50 minute consultation process unique to our Personal training services.

The key things we cover:

Previous exercise and injury experience


Discuss your previous and current nutrition and fuel systems

Go through our own detailed health assessment   

Gluteus assessment

Hamstring flexibility

Hip rotation flexibility

Vastus medialis oblique testing

Ankle dorsiflexion

Shoulder external and Internal rotation testing

Analysis of underworked and overworked muscles

Rehabilitation Personal Training

Working together with other professionals to deliver first class results

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Physically and mentally working along side Steve and taking small steps towards rehabilitation has given me the focus to carry on and move forward.

- Rhonda Davis: Breast cancer survivor one year with Steve personal training Hamilton New Zealand

Steve has always taken a vested interest in our athletes attending many events to support them personally, he has also attended many practices and is always intent on learning more about our sport

- John Wilbert: Sensei Rikidokan Judo owner and Coach P.E.I Canada

Steve immediately took charge of her physical training and stayed in constant contact with Anne Marie’s Physiotherapist Ralph Manning, he consistently re evaluated and adjusted her training to such a professional degree that in just 8 weeks Anne Marie went to British Columbia and won a bronze medal at the National championships

- Christopher Smith and Gina Tomassini
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